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Grantham E Condominium Association Inc.

A not for profit organization


Grantham E Condominium Association Inc.


STAY SAFE, STAY HOME, but if you must go in public places, please wear a mask whenever possible, wash your hands, avoid crowded places, limit your social interactions and respect physical distancing of 6’ apart from one another.

Welcome home

The Grantham E Association welcomes you to our Condominium community at the heart of Century Village East (CVE) in Deerfield Beach, Florida.

This site was created for the benefit of all owners and residents alike, to facilitate communication and to enhance our community life.


Laundry room machines

While doing your laundry, if a machine is not working or functioning properly, please call the company Wash at 800-421-6897, give the machine ID located on the front panel where the dials are and say it needs service in Century Village, Grantham E, Deerfield Beach, Fl. 
Thank you for your cooperation.


Electronic office

Learn more about our rules and regulations and the affairs of the Association. Also, a quick access to current forms related to occupancies and inspection certificates.

All the documents, listed below, are downloaded on Dropbox.