Grantham E Condominium Association Inc.
A not for profit organizationCentury Village East, Deerfield Beach, Florida

Grantham E Condominium Association Inc.
A not for profit organizationCentury Village East, Deerfield Beach, Florida


👨🏼‍⚖️ Board of Directors


Five owners volunteer their time to be Directors on the Board. They select among them four to occupy Officers’ positions. The positions are:

  • President - Presides the affairs and operation of the Association, with all the powers and duties vested in the position.
  • Vice-president - In the absence or disability of the President, exercises the powers and duties of President.
  • Treasurer - Maintains control of all the funds, securities and debts.
  • Secretary - Records and files the minutes of all proceedings.

The remaining fifth Director has an equal voice and voting rights on the Board. He assists in the affairs and operation of the Association. 

The Board of Directors is assisted by a property manager from Seacrest Services Inc. The property manager does not have voting rights on the Board of Directors and serves only as a management assistant and advisor.

Bill, Shari, Ray, Linda and Ralph
Bill, Shari, Ray, Linda and Ralph

Board Objectives

  1. To apply the rules and compel others to follow them;
  2. To keep and exceed high standards of safety and comfort;
  3. To preserve the structure and enhance the beauty of the property;
  4. To maintain and improve the communication lines with our owners and occupants;
  5. To promote and strengthen social and community life; and
  6. To manage and control the Association finances within budget.

Raymond Duquette, President

Raymond and his wife Karyn are seasonal residents and owners of Unit 265 since 2014. They are from Richmond (Ottawa), Ontario. Ray is a retired police officer, veteran of 32 years with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. He has been serving on the Board since 2017. They both enjoy playing pickleball. 

Bill Deutsch, Vice-President

William (Bill), and his wife Nuk Phanwong, are permanent residents and owners of unit 355. William is a retired Podiatrist, and Nuk is a licensed Florida Massage Therapist.  They’ve been together since 2015. William was Secretary for the Board of Directors in 2019 and 2020. This constitutes his second tour of volunteer duty on the Board of Director. 

Linda Simon, Treasurer

Linda and her husband Joe are permanent residents and own unit 367. Originally from New York, Linda and Joel have been living in Grantham E for the last 25 years. Linda has been serving on the Board since 2016. She still finds the time to work part time in a jewelry store in Boynton Beach.

Shari Jenner, Secretary

Shari has been a permanent resident since 2003 and owns unit 358. She works in the auto technology industry as an Area Sales Director and has been serving on the Board since 2018, first as Vice President and now as Secretary. Shari enjoys travelling and staying active.

Ralph Pellatt, Director

Ralph purchased unit 156 in 2010 and has served on the Board for several years. He has volunteered in the club house theater as an usher and has been instrumental in the organization of many of our BBQs. His service on the Board again will further enhance our status of being the best condo property in one of the most sought after prestigious districts in the village.

Seacrest Property Manager

Currently, there is no Seacrest property manager assigned to our building. Jacqueline Pugh, District manager and Joe Menchie, Maintenance manager are co-sharing the responsibilities until a new property manager is hired.

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