Grantham E Condominium Association Inc.
A not for profit organizationCentury Village East, Deerfield Beach, Florida

Grantham E Condominium Association Inc.
A not for profit organizationCentury Village East, Deerfield Beach, Florida


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Fire Alarm System upgrade

Meir Alarm & Fire Protection will start upgrading the fire alarm system earlier than anticipated. This project will start on Monday February 06, 2023. In order to install one alarm buzzer in each bedroom, access to all units will be required.

For the 4th, 3rd and 2nd floors, they will start on the 4th floor and work their way down. They expect to be inside each unit for about 20 to 30 minutes per unit, so about a day per floor.

For the 1st floor, which will be done last, they expect to be about 1 to 1 1/2 hour in each unit, so about 2 days to complete.

During this project, all the materials and the contractor’s tools will be stored in the storage unit room on the 2nd floor between units 266 & 267. The storage door will be locked while the workers are not on site in the evenings and on week ends for the duration of the project. For owners of units 264 to 272, please access your storage cage during week days, between 08:00 AM to 05:00 PM, when the storage door will be unlocked.

Thank you for your cooperation


Once again, we must assess the owners. This assessment will cover two different issues, as follows:

  • First, to pay part of our Umbrella liability insurance premium for 2023.(See letter by clicking here)
  • Second, to pay for modernizing our elevator and upgrading our fire alarm system as mandated by law.

The total amount for this special assessment comes to $99,785.79. Per unit it comes to:

  • $1,247.32 or 4 equal payments of $311.83 for 1 bedroom units; and
  • $1,455.58 or 4 equal payments of $363.89 for 2 bedroom units.

This assessment must be paid in full on or before Monday May 15th, 2023, in either one payment or in 4 equal payments on Feb. 15, March 15, April 15 and May 15, 2023. Please submit your payment(s) to Seacrest, via cheque or money order only, payable to Grantham E Condominium Association Inc. On your cheque or money order, please write your unit number and “Special Assessment Grantham E”. 

Send your cheque or money order to Seacrest at:

Seacrest Services Inc.

Attn: Yennifer Perez

2101 Centrepark W Drive #110

West Palm Beach, Fl 33409

For any questions related to your payment(s), please call Yennifer at (561) 697-4990, ext 163 or on the Toll Free 1 (888) 828-6464. You may also reach her at

Planning to sale or lease your unit

Please be reminded of the requirements of Article 12.2 b) 2 of the Grantham E Declaration of Condominium, which states that from the date of the application, the Board has up to 60 days to approve or deny an applicant as a new owner or renter. Therefore, I remind everyone that if you intend to lease or sell your unit, you must plan at least two months after submitting the Application documents to Seacrest, for the start date on the lease or the closing date on the sale.

Seacrest has been instructed to return to the owner or realtor the applications that do not meet this 60 days period. Please ensure to advise your realtor if you are selling, to plan for a closing date of at least two months after the submission of the Application forms.

Laundry machines service

While doing your laundry, if a machine is not working or functioning properly, please call the company Wash at 800-421-6897, or 800-342-5932, then state account number FL8602108, then give the machine ID number A00 . . located on the front panel where the dials are. Report the problem and request for service in Century Village, Grantham E, Deerfield Beach, Fl.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Storage room

Due to Broward County fire regulations, please be reminded to keep the open area of our storage rooms clear of all personal items, objects, materials and bikes at all times. All your personal items and other items must be stored in your storage cage or your unit. Any items left in the open space of the storage room will be disposed of at the owner’s expense. 

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