Grantham E Condominium Association Inc.

A not for profit organization

Grantham E Condominium Association Inc.

A not for profit organization


⁉️ FAQs (Frequently asked questions)

Who owns the Grantham E building and property, including surrounding grass and parking lot?

The Grantham E property, including surrounding grass and parking lot, is owned proportionally in 72 shares (1 share per unit), by all condo owners and members of the Grantham E Association, 

What is the value of our property?

The latest appraisal indicates that Grantham E building and property is worth over $7,500,000.

Do I own my parking space and/or my storage cage?

You do not own your parking space or your storage cage privately, the same way as you do for your condo unit. They are limited common elements, which means they are owned by all owners but limited to your own use. 

How can I participate in the management and upkeep of the property without being on the Board?

All owners are encouraged to actively participate in the affairs of the property. Here are five different ways you can help out without being on the Board:

  • First and foremost, by attending meetings and participating in social events.
  • Second, you may chose to represent Grantham E and volunteer to become a Director on COOCVE
  • Third, you may chose to be an active and on-going participant and to volunteer in the implementation of the different events, projects or tasks initiated by the Board.
  • Fourth, you may chose to help only on a specific event, project or task.
  • Fifth, you’re always welcome to share with any Board Director your comments and suggestions to positively improve the Grantham E property and/or community life. 

Are Board members paid for their work?

While our condo documents allow for remuneration, volunteers on previous and on the current Board of Directors, have agreed unanimously not to be remunerated.

How do I make a complaint?

Most problems are often for minor stuff and easily resolved between neighbours, without any involvement from any Board Director. We encourage the owners to talk to each other to find common ground for solutions. If the problem persists or no resolution is achieved then you may want to involve the Board. If the problem is serious in nature and requires more than just a verbal and/or negotiated agreement, the Board may require a full and complete written complaint from the complainant, in order to support any legal matters that may ensue as a result.

Do I need to inform the Board prior to renovating my unit?

Yes, you need to inform the Board before initiating any renovation projects which involves major remodeling and construction work, such as but not limited to tearing down walls, reconfiguring floor space, renovating kitchen and bathrooms, changing floor surface, changing exterior doors and windows and adding hurricane shutters. In addition, you require a permit from the City of Deerfield Beach for most of these major projects.

You don’t need to inform the Board nor do you require a permit to redecorate your interior, such as changing curtains, furnitures, picture frames or even applying a new coat of paint or wallpaper.

In doubt, please ask a Board Director.

When and where do I put out my bulk items?

Bulk items are to be put out on Tuesday night of each week, for pickup the next day. Items must be placed in the No Parking zone in front of the garbage tower on either side of the building. Place your item(s) neatly on the pavement, away from parking spaces and vehicles nearby. Do not put them in front of the grass or on the ramp leading to and in front of the garage door.

Do not store bulk item(s) in the open area of the storage room or anywhere else on the property while awaiting for pickup. Keep the item(s) in your unit until the next scheduled pickup on Tuesday.

What are the rules about smoking on the property?

The Grantham E owners have overwhelmingly voted in favour of living in a smoke free environment, as indicated in the Condominium Documents. As such, it’s prohibited to smoke in or near the building, however smokers may smoke across from the Grantham E parking lot. It is recommended that during any social activities such as our BBQs, that smokers smoke away from the crowd.

What are the rules with regard to animals?

As a general rule, animals or pets are prohibited on the property, however service or support animals are permitted by law, providing that the animal owner notifies the Board and submits the following documentations:

For service animals

  • medical letter attesting for the need of a service animal and
  • certification of training of the animal to provide such service

For support (or companion) animals

  • medical letter attesting for the need of a support animal and
  • the animal description.

In all circumstances, exotic animals are strictly prohibited. Additionally, permitted service or support animals must be kept under owner’s control and may be banned from the property if they become a nuisance to others.

What are the rules concerning the storage room?

Due to Fire code regulations, which requires a clear passage way of 8 feet overall from the storage cage wall (5 feet clearance from a 3 feet open cage door), and due the configuration of the room in a triangle, which limit considerably any storage on the opposing wall, we must keep this space empty.

Therefore the open area of the storage room must be cleared of any personal items, construction materials, boxes, furniture, bicycles and anything else at all times.

Your personal items and possessions must be stored in your assigned storage cage, your unit, your vehicle or outside the property in a commercial storage unit.

Who can park in the white parking spaces Reserved E to 1017?

These 10 parking spaces are Grantham E extra parking spaces for owners. They are painted white to eliminate the problem of having unauthorized vehicles using them to access other buildings or the nearby park, courts and Club House.

Guest parking rules applies to them. You may direct your expected guests to park in them or you may park in them, as long as your designated parking space is occupied by a second authorized vehicle and you respect the 30 days parking rules. You may not leave your vehicle parked and immobile for any period longer than 30 days consecutive in any guest parking space.

For unexpected guests and unsolicited visitors, Grantham E parking lot still offers 14 yellow guest parking spaces on the South side of the property.

No owner has an exclusive right to a specific guest or extra parking space and no guest or extra parking space is assigned to one owner.

✅ Responsibilities

Owners’ responsibilities 

As a member of the Association, owners have an obligation to comply with the Florida Condominium Act, the Grantham E Governing Documents, its rules and regulations. They also have the following responsibilities:

  • To use and enjoy the property in a manner that will not hinder or infringe on the rights of the other unit owners;
  • To educate their guests about complying to the rules;
  • To preserve the beauty of the property by not littering, damaging or simply not caring;
  • To insure their unit against property damage and liabilities;
  • To pay their monthly dues;
  • Not to make any alterations to their units that would adversely affect the safety or soundness of the common elements or any other portion of the property;
  • To attend, participate and vote in person or by proxy to meetings and other proceedings;
  • To bring any concerns or problems to any Director’s attention; and
  • To serve on the Board of Directors, as needed.
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